Science and History of Color in Film

Science and History of Color in Film What is “Color”?   This question baffled people for ages. Aristotle had theories based on the four elements Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. But it wasn’t until 1666 when a young Isaac Newton first began experimenting with optics that we began to think of color as a function … Read more

Film Print Emulation – Emulating the look of film in Digital Footage

Print Film Emulation LUT’s are generally designed by closely analyzing the Color Palette of common film stocks. Although it can be matched manually with color charts by comparing and profiling shots taken on film and digital camera. This is generally a rather complex process. Before looking into how the film look can be emulated for … Read more

Halation – Emulating the look of the film

The term “Halation” comes from the word “Halo”.

Halation is a visual effect that appears when shooting on film which is an orange halo that tends to occur along the contrasting boundaries of the overexposed areas and around bright light sources.

Color Spaces – RGB, CMYK, LAB

RGB Color Space We all know it by the name its acronym of Red, Green and Blue. RGB is the most common color model in use today. All the digital cameras, scanners actually acquire data on principles based on the principles of RGB. Every monitor in the world works with RGB. Most of all, the … Read more

About Me

Hi! I am Naveen a self-taught Freelance Digital Colourist and a Video/Film Editor.  Education: Post Graduate in Computers and Communication Engineering. Passion: Cinematography, Video/Film Editing, DI Color, VFX Interests: To help studios, production companies, agencies and all sorts of clients to solve creative, visual and technical problems, bringing ideas to life and making the message … Read more