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Pixel sorting is an image processing technique that can transform ordinary images into mesmerizing works of art. It is a computational process of sorting pixels in an image based on their color values, usually done in rows or columns. The result of pixel sorting is a distorted and glitch-like image, with varying degrees of abstraction and complexity depending on the sorting algorithm and image parameters used.

In order to understand pixel sorting, it’s essential to first understand how digital images work. Images on a computer screen are composed of tiny squares known as pixels. Each pixel contains three color values, one for red, green, and blue (RGB), which combine to create the final color of the pixel. The value of each RGB component ranges from 0 to 255, and by varying the values, a vast range of colors can be produced.

The pixel sorting process typically involves analyzing the color values of adjacent pixels and determining their order based on specific criteria, such as brightness, saturation, or hue. For example, in brightness sorting, pixels are sorted based on their brightness values. In saturation sorting, pixels are sorted based on their saturation values. In hue sorting, pixels are sorted based on their hue values.

Pixel sorting can be achieved through a variety of algorithms and software tools.  Each tool has its unique set of algorithms and parameters that can be used to control the sorting process and produce different visual effects.

One of the main applications of pixel sorting is in digital art and photography. Pixel sorting can transform ordinary photographs into abstract and surreal images, with glitchy patterns and surreal colors. Pixel sorting can be used to highlight specific details in an image, create a sense of motion or depth, or simply to produce an aesthetically pleasing visual effect.

Pixel sorting is a fascinating digital image processing technique that can transform ordinary images into unique and mesmerizing works of art. Whether you’re a digital artist or a photographer, pixel sorting can be a powerful tool to add a creative twist to your visual work.

Download the free plugin Pixel Sorter FUSE for Davinci Resolve and Fusion https://youtu.be/Mv8494ZQbbA !

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